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On Location Coaching

Well I have had the extreme privilege and invite to ski at one of the most beautiful manmade water ski sites I have ever seen and believe me I have been blessed to see many many lakes all around the world. This is such a secret paradise hidden amoungst the mountains and trees on Santoago Chile, that if you are not invited, you would never know that it is there. A complete Gem when it comes to water ski lakes called Los Patos.  I had the privilege to spend the afternoon skiing with Jan Schuenemann, Ruben Rossenburg and the owner of this paradise Pepe Moreno. This place of perfection was created 22 years ago and has been groomed into the Garden of Eden with still waters of tranquility that calms the sole and rests the mind. This will be an experience I will never forget as long as I live. Feeling blessed to have had this invite. Thank you Fella’s MC Skis Jodi’s Ski Skool Spray It Forward   

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